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As the sport of Arm Wrestling continues to grow, so does our need for dependable qualified referees. With over 200 tournaments held in North America alone every year, you could imagine how many referees are needed worldwide. With 30 years of experience refereeing tournaments in 18 countries around the world, we specialize in referee training and certification.

Here’s how it works…

There are 4 levels of certification to become an Arm wrestling referee:

Qualifications: As a level 1 referee, you are qualified to referee local and regional tournaments that don’t have national or international implications with the large Arm Wrestling organizations such as WAF, IAF, WAL and others

Training duration:

Qualifications: Level 2 referees are qualified to referee local, regional, national and international competitions but are not permitted to set up and start matches at any major national or international tournaments.

Training duration:

Qualifications: Level 3 referees are qualified to referee local, regional, national and international competitions. Unlike level 2 referees, level 3’s are permitted to set up and start matches but only if a master referee is present at the table, with the exception of world championship matches.

Training duration:

Qualifications: Master referees are qualified to referee any Arm Wrestling tournament at every level with the exception of WAL who have specific referee training for their promotion.

Training duration:


We are aware that most individuals interested in becoming a referee are actively competing as Arm Wrestlers or have been involved in the sport on some level or another. There are many reasons to become a referee and it definitely varies from person to person. But outside of professional reasons, we’ve found there to be a few significant pros if this is something you may be on the fence about

  • Increase your understanding and abilities as an Arm WrestlerMost Arm Wrestlers that become referees are in complete agreement that having more intimate knowledge of the rules makes you a more effective competitor.

  • Contribution to the sport

  • Travel

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